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  • What are the 4 C's of diamonds?
    The factors that determine the value of a certified diamond are the notes four "C", from the initials of the terms in English that represent them, that is: Color Clarity (purity) Cut Carat (weight in carats) The quality of a diamond depends on the combination of the four "Cs".
  • How should i take care of my jewelry?
    The precious materials used in Lisa O. jewels require special care. Jewelery with diamonds, colored gems and pearls must be treated with care. Even a diamond, the strongest material in the world, can be damaged under certain circumstances, and other colored gems can be delicate. To prevent damage as much as possible, it is recommended to avoid exposing your jewelry with diamonds, colored gems and pearls to: Variable temperatures Perfumes and cosmetics Ultrasonic cleaning Household chemicals
  • How is my gift packaged?
    All gifts are delivered in Lisa O's Lilac Box, wrapped in white ribbon and carefully placed in an additional outer box. A Lisa O. bag will be provided with every purchase made on
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